Meet The Executive Team

Gaétane Borders, Ed.S.

President & CEO, Peas In Their Pods, Inc.

As President of Peas In Their Pods, Gaétane is determined to make an impact in how safe the world is for families. She is an advocate who works tirelessly to help parents achieve healthy, harmonious, and emotionally stable environments for their children. Her advocacy began over a decade ago after speaking to a parent whose three children had been abducted and ultimately murdered. It became very clear to her that not enough attention is given to families during this heart wrenching time.  Gaétane’s continuous desire to impact communities is observed in her commitment to providing seminars and community events during which both parents and children learn lifesaving preventative measures. She works directly with families and ensures that they have around the clock support, as well as the attention of both popular and social media.

Anita Harris

Director of Parent Advocacy, Peas In Their Pods,Inc.


Anita Harris is the Director of Parent Advocacy for Peas In Their Pods. She is directly responsible for ensuring that all parents receive appropriate support as they work with PEAS. Anita’s impact is tremendous because she is able to speak from personal experience. One of her family members was reported missing, and she has been through all the ups and downs of the process. Her efforts did work, and her loved one was safely recovered. Because of this, Anita’s dedication to helping families is like nonother!