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Common FAQs

Why do you specialize in missing children of color?

PEAS believes that all missing children are important and should be a national priority.  However, research shows that children of color receive the least amount of media coverage, and are overly characterized as runaways.  This nimpedes the likelihood of finding these missing children and reuniting them with their loved ones.  Given this, PEAS seeks to provide the necessary assistance to such families in their time of need.  Please note, however, that no family is ever denied assistance due to race. 

What is the fee for your service?
Frequently Asked Questions

All of our services are offered at no fee.  We are a team of advocates with over a decade of experience who want to help you locate your missing loved one.

In what states does PEAS offer assistance?

We can assist you during your time of need regardless of the State in which you live.  PEAS has team members and affiliates across the country.

Can I volunteer with PEAS?

Yes!  We welcome those who have a heart to advocate for families of the missing.  Contact us and we can get you started.

Contact Us  855-PEASPOD (732-7763)

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